Logo design is like abstract painting. The “painter” wants to symbolize a specific thing and he does it in his own way. Sometimes the symbols are understandable by anyone and sometimes it has to be explained to you. But sometimes the “painter” represents something that leads to misinterpretations. Here are some examples:

Arlington Pediatric Center:

Arlington Pediatric Center

And here is the building entrance:
Arlington Pediatric Center building

And sometimes the combination of shapes is just not working…Oriente

Really not working…

The Computer Doctor

[Updated on Nov. 26, 2007] This one must have been done on purpose.

A-Style logo

But not only shapes can lead to misinterpretations, also the wrong association of words can have the same effect. Like…

Kids Exchange

If you find more examples like the ones above, just leave a comment with a link and I will make sure they will make it in the list.