I’m tired of seeing people being unhappy about their life. We all project in our minds this state of how things should be for us to be happy or satisfied with our life. There is a certain life we want to live, not this one, for sure, and untill we get there, we are unhappy. But why?

If you want to get somewhere or change something, then do it. Keep that ideal state of things in your mind and make sure you do everything you can to get there, but don’t think about it every moment. Don’t make this part of your life a misserable one. Enjoy every moment of it with the good or bad. As longs as you know you are on the way to a better life, you can not be unhappy.

It’s ok to complain as long as you then go and do something about it. Don’t like your job, start looking for another one; not happy with your salary, ask for a raise; don’t like your neighborhood, move away. Of course it’s more complicated than that and sometimes you have to combine things, like: you don’t afford to move in a better place, then you’ll have to work harder till you earn enough to do.

It’s ok to complain as long as at the end of the day you do something about it.