… or any tablet for that matter:

Keep up with technology.

It might sound shockingly simple or unconvincing. If you are like me few months ago, you would think that the tablets are not much, just a bigger smartphone, the technology is still in its infancy, there are not many “meaningful” apps, better wait and see where things go, wait for a better model.

But think about it. People had similar thoughts about the TV, the cars, cell phones and more. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to end up like an old man that still holds on to his magnetic tapes when everyone stores the music in the cloud. I want to keep up with the new technology. I don’t want to wait for a better model because new models will keep on apearing. I just have to jump on board before the young kids beat me to it.

So don’t waste your time and get that smartphone, tablet, ereader or other piece of technology that you were holding on to.