Thanks to SwissMiss I discovered today Khan Academy, an online learning website. As you could see in the video above, it has a different approach for education, one that I would loved to have part of during my childhood. One of the most interesting things that Salman points out in his speech is how students must move on in their studies even if they get a lower grade and clearly are not mastering that subject. I believe that this is a major flaw in education today, one that we should fix. Maybe by using this teaching method.

I am happy that Khan Academy exists because, especially lately, I feel like I’m not using my brain as much as I had to some years ago. Today our computer or mobile devices give us answers that we should know already, from simple math equations understanding a physics phenomenon.

This is why today I started my studies at Khan Academy and plan to through all of it in the following months. Even if some things are too easy, I think my brain will enjoy it.