For some time now I’ve gotten in a daily routine that I never thought I would enjoy so much. If in the last few years I was struggling to wake up around 8AM every (week) day, now I’m painlessly getting up at 6AM. I never understood people that wake up early. I was forced by different circumstances to do that every now and then, but I was so relieved when I could sleep few hours more.

Top 1 trick to wake up early in the morning

You only need one thing to wake up early in the morning. Only one thing. And that thing is PURPOSE.

In my case it was a very strange coincidence. The shower in my apartment broke, so the only way I could have a shower in that morning was if I would go to the gym, which is very close to my working place. So I did that in the first morning, and the second, until the shower was fixed.

My whole morning routine was fitting so perfectly that I started going to gym in the morning rather than evening, like I was doing for over a year. By that time I was also addicted to going to gym, so not waking up in the morning meant not going to gym. I couldn’t let that happen.

So the reason I wake up early every morning, my purpose, is going to the gym. It’s something I want to do, not something I am forced to do. My mind doesn’t go “Ahh, I have to go to gym again!” every time the alarm starts, but “Ahh, can’t wait to get to the gym!“.

It’s fascinating to see the whole morning world coming to life. Look outside the window at 6AM and see people already on the move and feel proud that you’re not wasting those moments in bed, but you’re up, active, doing something.