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A lot of people were complaining after the announcement of the Google Reader revamp, that included cutting down the followers functionality. I am not getting into that since it makes a lot of sense for Google to do that and, in the long run, it won’t matter that much. So I was actually waiting for the new redesign since I am using Google Reader daily and the poor thing needed a bit of attention for a long time.

Now the service looks very good, in line with Google’s new design. As for the user experience, things are not that well thought out. I am using a 13″ monitor on my laptop, so space is vital. Loosing about 1/3 of real estate on stuff I don’t care about while reading my feeds, makes me look for alternatives.

Long time ago I tried Feedly. Back then the service wasn’t too attractive, but I gave it another try today, and it seems they got the service to a mature shape. With Feedly I can check my feeds from Google Reader in a more user friendly interface. The reading area cover the whole height of my screen and it is very easy to discover new interesting websites. This is how I discovered

Conclusion: We got the design, now we wait for the user friendless. In the meantime, we look for alternatives.