Helping others is one of the things that shows we are human and we don’t do it just for the others, we do it for ourselves as well. And there is nothing wrong with this. Even if we do it only because we want to feel better, just by the fact that someone else is benefiting from our action, both sides win.

Recently I was feeling bad when I was doing something and was uncertain if I did it more for me than for the other person. Well it doesn’t really matter as long as that action made both of us happy.

Some time ago I had a habit of doing a good deed almost daily, simple things like letting an elderly person have my seat in the metro or giving an homeless person some food. I am still on the look-out for things that I can do to help others. Some things can be really small while other can be really big that involve more time, energy, feelings and even money. Sometimes I am asked why am I investing those things in a good deed. The answer is simple:

Because I can!

And the truth is we all can. The time spent doing a good deed is not time wasted, 10Eur for you might mean nothing while for someone else might mean everything, a flower picked from a tree is not much, unless you give it to someone that didn’t receive one in years.

So let’s all just do a good deed, today!

Later edit: Just learned you can not make good deeds by force. Some people just don’t want it, even if they need it.