Ever since I moved on my own, one of the first things I knew I had to manage was cooking. I was never a stranger in the kitchen but there is something different when you’re in it alone, without anyone/mom giving you hints over the shoulder. Mistakes were made, rules were learned.

In time I moved from cooking what I can, to cooking what I like, to cooking what is good for me… and I like. I quickly learned at the beginning that everything would have been much easier for me if I would just spend more time with my mother in the kitchen.

But in the last few years I had the chance to meet people that have no idea how to cook and are not interested in learning, even though they live on their own.

This made me realize a big hole in the education system. We are going to school for about 20 years or more, we learn advanced mathematic formulas, complex physics phenomenons, we learn how to plan and build complex structures, but we are not taught a basic thing that we should do every day and on which our survival is depending on: how to cook. What foods are good for us, what are not, what are the most nutritious ingredients and which ones are bad for our health? The ones that want to learn this have to take private lessons or learn on their own; the rest just head to the pre-cooked section of the supermarket or to the fast-food.

I believe we should all know how to cook and I have a deep respect for those that are not afraid to experiment in the kitchen or just know how to cook.